OSHA 10-Hour

General Industry

The OSHA 10-Hour course from High Desert Safety Solutions is designed to familiarize workers with OSHA standards as well as safety and health hazards that are common in the workplace. We’ve designed this training to be fully interactive with a goal to educate workers and help them in the process of identifying, avoiding, controlling, and preventing job site hazards.

Who Should Take This Course?

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Training is appropriate for workers in the following fields: Healthcare, factory operations, warehousing, manufacturing, storage and more. Enrollment and completion of OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Training will help educate workers to predict, prevent, identify, and stop possible common worksite hazards.

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Training Topics

A variety of health and safety workplace topics are covered in the OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Training course. All students who enroll and successfully complete this course will become familiarized with the standards and regulations that OSHA has set in place to make sure all employees function in a safe work environment.

Topics will include:

  • Introduction to OSHA
  • Walking and Working Surfaces
  • Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, and Fire Prevention
  • Electrical
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hazard Communication
  • Materials Handling
  • Machine Guarding
  • Bloodborne Pathogens

Earning Your OSHA 10-Hour Certification Card

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry training completion certification will be issued while the OSHA 10 Card is delivered.

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